Niamh Hayes

Niamh Hayes – Television, Radio & Social Media Broadcasting

While always having an interest in the media, the written format was Niamh’s first love and she began writing articles and features for a range of newspapers and magazines in Ireland in 2011. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Journalism & New Media from Cork Institute of Technology in 2014, Niamh continued her writing work as well as moving onto video, audio and multimedia20160719_132732 production.

The start of 2015 marked the beginning of Niamh’s broadcasting career. She started out as a freelance Production Assistant on RTÉ’s “Today” show, a daily live entertainment and lifestyle chat show, and quickly moved onto the roles of Researcher and AutoCue Operator on the same show. This was followed by positions on the IFTA (Irish Film & Television Awards) nominated “Creedon’s Wild Atlantic Way” and “The Taste of Success”, working with crews in the field in various areas of Ireland, as a Location/Production Assistant. During the summer of 2015, Niamh also began working as a freelance Radio Reporter on RTÉ Radio 1’s ‘Seascapes’ – Ireland’s number one maritime show and still continues to do reports from time to time.

With the travel bug firmly put in place that summer, Niamh decided to go a little further afield and moved to Boston in September 2015 to work in the media and broadcasting industry in the USA. Shortly after moving Stateside, Niamh landed the inaugural position of being the face of IRISH TV in Boston. What started out as a presenting role on the brand new show “Out & About USA in Boston”, quickly expanded with Niamh also becoming the Researcher/Producer/Director of the show. Niamh covered a wide range of events and stories in Boston including sporting & music events, festivals, holidays, charity & business events and award ceremonies, and got to interview some very well-known faces.

Niamh also began working with Boston Neighborhood Network when she got to the USA, in the role of Field Producer, going into the communities of Boston and interviewing people at various events across the city, as well as directing shoots.

On completion of her one year work visa in the USA, Niamh returned to Ireland in September 2016 to once again join the crew on RTÉ’s Today with Maura & Daithi, this time in the more senior role as Production Co-ordinator/Programme Development Assistant/Assistant Floor Manager/Sound Assistant. Because of the wide scope of the role, Niamh has expanded her skill-set significantly and always jumps at the chance to do anything extra, which led her to producing a very well-received video report, “Your Town Clonakilty” (over 100,000 views online), presenting the daily “What’s coming up on today’s show…” on Facebook live, acting as BCO on a number of shows, as well as hitting the streets to conduct vox-pops, helping to research topics and using her expansive network circle to contact guests.

As the Today show takes a break during the summer months, Niamh moves onto other shows including “The Summer Best of Today”, “Today Show Bites” and the annual John Creedon series.

Earlier this year, Niamh was given the opportunity to move onto the role of Researcher on a lifestyle documentary about the boglands of Ireland. Working  alongside a Producer, Niamh did the full research for the show, found stories and guests, organised shoots, located archive footage, helped to produce/direct in the field and helped with the editing.

In her free time, Niamh enjoys producing her own video and audio content, continuing to submit reports for RTÉ Radio 1’s Seascapes, and producing videos of her regular adventures around the world.

Niamh is a keen sportsperson and is an active member of Galley Flash Coastal Rowing Club and Crossfit Clonakilty. She represented Ireland at the 2017 World Coastal Rowing Championships and coaches the adult and underage members of her club. In her free time, she also enjoys getting up early to catch the sunrise, surfing and any other water-based activity, and finishing the day off watching the sunset!


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